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jonathan_vernon_1363110558_04Welcome to a world of creativity; a world where the character’s reality is your reality, and you’re the character’s companion. Enter into complex minds, situations, and themes.

My favorite quote my mom introduced me to when I entered my sophomore year of high school: I have sworn upon the altar of God, eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.   Thomas Jefferson  The profundity of this quote awakened an intellectual rebellion in me. Over the course of my high school and College career, I wrote commentaries in the respective newspapers that caused movements to discount my every word, and select persons who celebrated my penetrating poignancy. Still a rebel, though more refined, I turn to more expansive narratives in the vital life of stories.

Possibly this world may challenge your mind and bend your emotions, maybe even enlighten you. If you’re interested by this invitation then immerse yourself in a sea of doubt and self-awareness, a lake of emotional turmoil drowned in intellectual epiphanies, and a meandering river of thrills and mysteries. Even follow this blog. Always return for recent posts from my novel-in-progress, Memories Inc., and peruse and devour my Short Stories. Enjoy.


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